Review | K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard by Corsair

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Question: Is the k55 the best budget RGB gaming keyboard?

I have owned and used the corsair k55 gaming keyboard for about four months now with zero problems or concerns up to this point.

Beyond reliability this keyboard may be lacking in a few features while in comparison to other keyboards in its price range. Many will disagree, but considering I am getting a name brand for a relatively low price its hard for me to complain too loudly about features when it works as advertised just fine, for that most part that is. I have not experienced it my self, but there have been reports that this keyboard can have a bit of LED lag. Specifically when changing from one LED setting to another, and or when using different LED effects.

While Corsair does indeed have a popular and competitive product here, there are other options in this range such as the Logitech G213 or the Razer Cynosa Chroma. I’m not saying they are better or worse, but I would definitely consider those as possible alternatives having used them a bit my self. Not only that, but if you are willing to up your spending just a little, you will probably get more bang for your buck.

K55 Plugged In

I would say the biggest drawback of this keyboard are the keys themselves. Not being mechanical will push a lot of consumers away from this product. For some though, rubber keys are usually much quieter, and for the average user or gamer the difference might be minimal enough to be ignored. However, in that case why spend this much when you could probably get a decent rubber keyboard for a little less.

Removable Keys

To wrap this up, for users with an aversion to membrane keys, spending more for that fancy mechanical keyboard would be the better decision. However, in my opinion the K55 is a solid choice for brightening up your gaming cave or home office on a lean wallet.

K55 Box Top View (Front)

Notable Specs

  • Dynamic back lighting
    • 10 color functions with a customizable option
    • Some people have reported lag in the lighting effects…
  • Macro Record button
  • Membrane (rubber dome) keys
    • (A bit more quiet than average mechanical keyboards)
  • Multi-key anti-ghosting
  • Dedicated media keys: 3 for volume, and 4 for play back
  • Dimensions 480.2 mm x 166.3 mm x 34.6 mm
K55 Opened Box

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