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Review | M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse by Corsair

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Question: Is the Corsair M65 Pro worth it?

I won’t say I have any real complaints using the M65 now, or at least when it started working that is. When I first got this mouse, the buttons were locked up and extremely sensitive. Just bumping the dang thing would set in motion a hurricane of random clicks and cursor movements.

I had completely given up on the M65 and went back to my last mouse, which was an ancient $5 Logitech I picked up from a pawn shop to temporarily replace my Mad Catz RAT 5. Also, because I had lost my receipt, I simply shoved this bad excuse for a paperweight into a dresser drawer.

Fast-forward two months, and for some unknown reason, I decided to come back and give it another try. I reinstalled ICUE and tried every USB port my system had with no luck. Finally I just got angry and mashed buttons randomly from all angles, then suddenly it started to work properly. Maybe a driver loaded while I was not looking, maybe I changed settings without knowing, or maybe I’m just an ID10T. Regardless, after this horrible experience, this mouse is now my daily.

With several speed modes, 8 buttons, and adjustable weights it’s not half bad considering you can get one relatively cheap. That’s not to say there are not several other great options at its price point or less, but I’m a hipster so I wanted my mouse to match my LED Corsair fans in different color modes. So, a Corsair mouse compatible with ICUE was the best option for me.

M65 Pro Mouse (Bottom)

I realize this story makes this mouse sound like a pile of trash at times, but if you buy or own this mouse and have the same issue don’t give up on it immediately, try to message/work (not destroy as I almost did) the buttons as much as possible, reinstall ICUE a few times, and try a few different USB ports first. I don’t recommend waiting two months in a dresser drawer though. Especially if you need a good mouse, so I guess just return it at that point if nothing changes.

So, there you have it, personally the worst and now a great RGB gaming mouse for this price.

M65 Pro Mouse (Top)

Notable Specs

  • 8 Programmable buttons
  • 100 – 12000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Selectable Report Rate 1000 – 500 – 250 – 125hz
  • 3 Zone RGB Lighting
    • Compatible with ICUE
  • Has On-board Memory: yes
  • Weight: 135.5g with weights, 115g without weights
M65 Pro Mouse USB Cable

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