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Review | STAND-V004Y Quad LCD Monitor Mount by VIVO

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Question: Are VIVO monitor mounts worth my time?

Currently, I am using the VIVO quad LCD desk monitor mount to hold my four ASUS VP247 monitors. After roughly six months, I have not experienced any major issues or complaints with this mount, but it’s not spectacular in any way either.  

Then again, I’m usually happy with any product that has LEDs attached, but that’s beside the point.

The arms are a little flimsy and the joints stay a bit loose even after lots of tweaking and tightening. Heavy bumps to the desk or attached monitors will cause noticeable swaying and movement. In my opinion however, this kind of performance should be expected from a clamp column mount with four large monitors at this price range.

Mount holding my ASUS monitor

If for some reason I had to buy this product again, I would. Primarily because it fits my needs well while not breaking the bank. To be more specific, I needed a quad monitor stand compatible with my ASUS monitors, a decent range of motion, height adjustable, and most importantly would not break under ‘heavy’ use. Lets just say I can be a bit abusive toward hardware when its not working correctly.

Some other brands I did take a look at along the way were EZM, Duronic, SIIG, and Mount-It. They have plenty of products that could be great alternatives, but might (depending on where you are located) be a bit more expensive.

The specifications state that It can hold up to four 27” monitors, but if you have four very expensive 27” monitors, I cannot outright recommend this unless you are really wanting to get something on the cheap side. On the other hand, if you have cheaper 22” to 24” monitors then that is where this mount really shines. My ASUS VP247s were relatively cheap and on sale so strapping them to a cheaper mount is a little less cringe worthy, and I do not plan to upgrade any time soon.

Mount desk clamp

Also, a good point to mention for any clamp mount is to make sure the desk you are attaching it to is sturdy. A thin desk with little support and four large monitors will surly warp or break the desk over time. I have the BEKANT corner desk from IKEA and it has held up well with no noticeable warping, but then again, my monitors are not super heavy to begin with. So please keep the strength of your desk in mind when attaching any monitor mount, not just this one.

In conclusion, I would recommend this to anyone who is:

  1. On a mild Budget.
    • Going to an even cheaper mount with four monitors would be a gamble in my opinion.
  2. Looking for a functional product, but not the most pretty or stable.
  3. Not planing to attach anything super nice to it anyway.

Notable Specs:

  • Range of Motion: 360 degree swivel, 360 degree rotation, +45 degree to -45 degree tilt, and height adjustable.
  • Primary Compatibility: Four Screens up to 27″ and 17.6 lb each w/ VESA Mount
  • Dimensions: Center column height of 32″, and max space between the two outside mounting brackets is 53″.

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